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Stephanie Holloway

Lake Elsinore Unified School District
Math Instructional Coach (Elementary)
Lake Elsinore Unified School District
I am honored to serve as a math instructional coach, specializing in grades 3-5 within the Lake Elsinore Unified School District. My profound dedication to cultivating equitable math education propels my mission, centered around advocating for research-driven, best practices that ensure each student gains access to high quality mathematics instruction within environments that embrace diversity.

My journey is illuminated by my role as a former Math CFCC (California Framework Curriculum Committee) member, where I played a role in shaping the 2023 revision of the California Mathematics Framework. This transformative experience underscores my unwavering commitment to shaping educational policies and practices that harmonize with the evolving needs of contemporary learners. Over time, I have further enriched my impact by delivering professional development initiatives within my district, and I have had the privilege of presenting at both CMC and NCTM conferences.

In my capacity as a math instructional coach, my devotion is dedicated to equipping educators with the essential tools and insights required to facilitate exceptional math education. By anchoring instruction in evidence-based strategies, fostering inclusivity, and remaining attuned to the forefront of educational advancements, I am dedicated to cultivating vibrant learning environments that foster growth for both educators and students alike.

Feel welcome to reach out to me to engage in conversations about equitable math education, bolstering teacher support, nurturing inclusivity, or any other subject that resonates with you. Together, let's persist in paving the path for a revolutionary era of math instruction that leaves an indelible mark.

You can find me on (formerly) Twitter at: @mrs_sdholloway or on Instragram @collaborativemathcoach